Maria Regina College Mosta Primary A

1.  To nurture a culture whereby children can develop a healthy self-image

to treat children with understanding, respect and compassion
to help children realise the merits of good behaviour, self-discipline and mutual respect
to strive in helping children who are in difficulties as a result of their behaviour or someone else’s behaviour to liaise and work effectively with parents and outside agencies.

2.  To equip children with the basic skills and knowledge which will provide them for the opportunity and experiences of life.

to enable children acquire the skill of writing
to provide children with practical experiences and problem-solving strategies when handling mathematical concepts
to promote reading as a focal point of language teaching
to expose children to listening and speaking English
to enable children become computer literate and to use computer software as a cross-curricular medium of learning
to provide children with opportunities to work on projects with children of other lands.

3.  To enable pupils to become autonomous persons

to provide children with experiences that require critical and creative thinking such as the discussion of current issues or news
to help children develop a curious mind and independently search for knowledge
to establish and maintain the right democratic environment wherein children may express their concerns and make suggestions
to make children aware of their rights and duties as well as the rights of others
to challenge traditional stereotypes and ensure equal gender opportunities

4.  To make children aware of the environment and the need to conserve what is of value within it

to stimulate children’s interest in their local environment
to develop their awareness of the variety of physical and human conditions of the Earth’s surface
to help children develop an informed concern about the quality of the environment and the future of the human and animal habitat
to enhance their sense of responsibility for the care of the Earth and its people

5.  To encourage children to develop their spiritual and moral facilities

to help children develop those beliefs and feelings that give meaning and purpose in life
to promote such values as truthfulness, trustworthiness and fairness
to instil in children a love for their neighbour
to develop in children tolerant attitudes

6.  To enhance aesthetic development and sportsmanship in children

to provide children with opportunities to experiment with different media
to help children develop their powers of observation and description
to make children experience music and drama as a source of personal pleasure, enjoyment and enrichment
to develop in children a range of psycho-motor skills and to
make aware of the importance of physical fitness in maintaining a healthy life
to develop in children an appreciation of the concepts of fairplay