Maria Regina College Mosta Primary A

Eco-Schools or Eko Skola as we refer to it in Maltese is an international programme of the Foundation for Environmental Education that aims to empower students to be the change our sustainable world needs by engaging them in fun, action-orientated and socially responsible learning.

The Environment has always been a priority for Mosta Primary A and we always try to promote waste separation, reducing waste and encourage re-using and recycling of materials.  In the scholastic year 2018-19 we managed to put into practice the principles of education for sustainable development by making good use of the 35 large strong cardboard boxes which were left to be disposed off after the installation of the new Interactive Boards.  The thick cardboard was reused to create a sensory wall and book cases in the newly refurbished Pupils’ Room

The project served as an outreach to the whole school community, involving parents, educators and young students, and during the European Week for Waste Reduction last November parents and educators were invited to bring over cans of leftover paint to be used to decorate the cardboard furniture and walls. They also brought in bits of leftover cloths, buttons, zips, wool and other textured materials that were recycled to set up the sensory wall and to furnish the room with cushions made from used material.To promote green education in school.

This scholastic year, our school’s focus is to promote sustainable consumption of food and encourage pupils to waste less food, become more sensitive to the issue of food sustainability and pass on this message to their families.

Each year an Eko Skola Committee is set-up to co-ordinate and organise activities related to sustainable development.  The members of the committee for the Scholastic Year 2019-2020 are:

Ms Christa Micallef (Educator)
Ms Rakel Zammit (Educator)
Ms Daniela Borg (Educator)
Ms Marilyn Busuttil (Educator)
Kim Debono (student class 3.2)
Krista Sammut (student class 3.2)
Luke Attard (student class 3.3)
Jay Jay Frendo (student class 3.3)
Julia Gauci Grech (student class 2.4)
Valentina Pirrone (student class 2.4)
Jan-Rei Tabone (student class 2.1)

Our School has been awarded the Silver award at the end of the Scholastic Year 2018-2019. This has been achieved thanks to the EkoSkola committee members led by Ms. Bernardette Mercieca who was an Assistant Head in our school.